Mobberley Parish Council





Planning Applications received by Mobberley Parish Council and decisions made by Cheshire East Council.



Parish Councils are statutory consultees on the local development plan and other elements of the local development framework. Planning authorities, i.e. Cheshire East Council, inform local parish councils and consider their views when deciding on planning applications.


Mobberley Parish Council hold regular Planning meetings, as the amount of plans received by the Parish Council would take too long to discuss in the regular monthly meetings. These meetings are open to the public, however the public cannot vote or take part in the decision making. There is however a statutory 15 minutes at the start of the Planning meeting whereby the public can have their say.


For more information please contact Parish Clerk

Any of the plans can be viewed using Cheshire East Council - Planning Services, however a brief summary of the plans received by Mobberley Parish Council is included on the drop down site from this page.

Note: Date for the appeal against the erection of Church Meeting Hall (Use Class D1) with associated access, parking and landscaping and infrastructure. At Oak House, Newton Hall Lane, Mobberley – formerly Mobberley Riding School  - applicaiton 16/3931M will be heard on 12th June 2018.